1% For The Planet

Announcing our official partnership with 1% For The Planet!

We decided to partner with 1% for the planet in March of ‘21, less than a month after our official launch. Us being a young group of entrepreneurs, fresh out of the COVID-19 quarantine, we witnessed how much our country and the rest of the world wanted change. 

Locked down in our homes we experienced sadness, anger, and reflection towards our current situation. None of us had suspected that a pandemic would occur during our lifetime; let alone being told to stay at home for 3 months in our early 20s. However, the time spent stuck in our rooms; playing video games, reading, solving 5000 piece puzzles with family, and online “school” brought a great appreciation for the good things in life.  

We knew that life would eventually go back to normal; kids go back to school, parents back in the office, and companies prioritizing profit over the well-being of our planet and society. 

Except it won’t. Things will never go back to the way they were before. Social justice initiatives, climate change awareness, and political divisiveness have been put on display for the whole world to see. People are no longer standing by and expecting others to make our world a better place, nor are we. 

Partnering with 1% for the Planet is something we decided to do to show our customers that we want more than your business. We want to work with each individual to make positive change and leave this world better than we found it. 

We aren’t going to wow anyone with degrees from highly-prestigious universities or resumes from Fortune 500 companies, because at the end of the day none of that matters to us. 

What matters is how we can help others and improve the lives of as many people as possible. 1 person or 100,000, it doesn’t mater. We will make a difference in our world, one CBD product at a time.